Variable Refrigerant Flow - VRF

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow systems (VRF) are quickly becoming popular for air conditioning solutions across the world. VRF systems not only provide flexible and energy efficient air conditioning, but also heating and hot water for residential and commercial applications.

    Some of the features of this type of an air conditioning system with variable refrigerant flow include:

    • Cooling only, or reversible for heating, including heat recovery options
    • Air or water cooled systems
    • Variable capacity compressors
    • Optimised for a number of conventional and environmental refrigerants
    • Up to 64 indoor units with individual metering


  • Application Diagram

    Variable refrigerant flow components in a typical system


  • Variable refrigerant flow - application diagram
  • What's in it for You?

    • Compact, space-saving components
    • High energy efficiency
    • Optimised for environmentally friendly, low GWP refrigerants
    • Reduced applied costs and short payback times
    • Dedicated technical and customer service around the world
    • Eco labelling options

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