Danfoss Scrolls: Wide Offer for Optimized Commercial Applications

  • h-series
  • Danfoss scroll compressors H and S series are being used for more than 10 years in R410A HVAC units. With a very wide application envelope they suit varied applications such as rooftops, chillers or process cooling, reducing the number of items held in reference and inventory. The Danfoss Scrolls with IDVs come with an even wider operating envelope for higher flexibility in system designs for a wide range of applications.

    New technology implemented in 2016: Danfoss Scrolls with IDVs - DCJ (7.5-10T), DSH (7.5-40T)


  • Highly Efficient, Reduce Applied and Running Costs

    The performance of air conditioning units depends on their ability to adapt to seasonality, daily variations and to continuously varying load conditions inside a building. Danfoss scroll compressors with IDVs, DSH and DCJ offer superior efficiency with the Intermediate Discharge Valve technology. Furthermore, the possible manifold configurations up to 120 tons in a circuit will also reduce applied and running costs.

    The Danfoss Scrolls with IDVs are backward compatible with existing Danfoss Scrolls and help lower OEMs' redesign costs. The manifold options are extended for more design options of your chiller and rooftop ranges.


  • A New Level of Compressor Robustness and System Reliability

    Danfoss has over 10 years of experience in R410A scroll compressors and billions of compressor operating hours in HVAC applications worldwide. Building on this knowledge, Danfoss reliability and R&D teams use advanced statistical tools and psychrometric laboratory tests to measure and study the implications of system operations in critical conditions, on compressor reliability. The Danfoss scrolls with IDVs include several innovative features to improve compressor and system robustness.


  • Manifold Compressors: Enhancing Part-load Efficiency with Staged Modulation

    The number of compressors running at any one time can be adapted to building occupancy and demand levels. This improves cooling efficiency, reduces energy use and enhances load matching capabilities. Energy performance is further enhanced with Danfoss IDV technology.


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