Danfoss Turbocor® Technology

  • Turbocor oil free compressors family
  • Danfoss is the pioneer and #1 market leader for Turbocor® oil-free centrifugal compressor

    Danfoss Turbocor® Compressors are transforming the commercial HVAC market with innovative technology that redefines lifetime operating costs for mid-range chiller and rooftop applications. Danfoss Turbocor® Compressors offer new horizons for building owners looking for high efficiency in buildings and factories.
    Our company is dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing and support of the world’s most efficient commercial refrigerant compressors. The result is the world’s first totally oil-free centrifugal compressor specifically designed for the HVAC industry.
    The convergence of aerospace and industrially proven magnetic bearing, variable-speed centrifugal compression and digital electronic technologies enables Danfoss Turbocor® compressors to achieve the highest compressor efficiencies for water-cooled, evaporative cooled and air-cooled HVAC applications.

    Magnetic bearings, two stage centrifugal compression, a variable speed permanent magnet motor and intelligent electronic controls combine to create a sustainable energy efficient solution that is compact, lightweight and quiet.
    Combining these proven technologies, Danfoss Turbocor® oil-free centrifugal compressor offers expanded capabilities in energy efficiency. Reliability is proven with over 45,000 compressors running in the field.

    Danfoss Turbocor® technology has been recognized with awards from many prestigious organizations including the USA EPA, AHRI/ASHRAE USA, Natural Resources Canada and the Institute of Refrigeration – England.

    Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc. is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Design and manufacture are located in Tallahassee, Florida USA.


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