Air Conditioning Training Program

  • This training program is the selection of the pre-defined courses on Danfoss products portfolio for Air Conditioning which will provide you in-depth knowledge on the subject and building your learning path.

    The program consists of eLessons and self-study PowerPoint courses. In order to complete the program you should take the specified below courses.

    You may find the same course in different programs. Once you enroll in a course taken in a specific program, you don’t need to enroll in this course again as part of another program.

    Some of our courses can be completed with a short test to validate your learning. This test is optional but is a good way to evaluate your knowledge. If the test is successful, you can even print out a Certificate of Achievement from the system.


  • The Air Conditioning Training Program will give you the knowledge of:
    introduction to the main applications (chillers); in-depth courses on Danfoss components for Air Conditioning including compressors and an introduction to the compressor inverter technology (variable speed), automatic controls with dedicated course for electrically operated expansion valves and more…


    Air Conditioning Training Program Part 1: Mechanical Controls  
    1. RA – DR Line components – Filter driers & Sight glasses
    2. RA – DR On-Off Control – Introduction
    3. RA – DR Solenoid valves – Introduction to Commercial Refrigeration solenoid valves
    4. RA – DR Expansion valves – TU-TC program
    5. RA – DR Expansion valves – TR6 program – Course only available to US users!
    6. RA - DR Solenoid valves - Portfolio - Module 2
    7. RA - DR Solenoid valves - Product selection - Module 3

    Air Conditioning Training Program Part 2: Electronic Controls
    1. RA – DR Electrically Operated Expansion valves – Introduction to ETS
    2. RA - DR Electronic controls - Superheat Controllers Introduction & Portfolio

    Air Conditioning Training Program Part 3: Compressors & Condensing Units
    1. RA – DR Scroll compressors - Performer® ‘H’ Series
    2. RA – DR Scroll compressors - Performer® ‘S’ Series
    3. RA – DR Invertor Compressors Technology Module 1 – Introduction
    4. RA - DR Inverter Scroll Compressor - VZH Series Module 1 - Introduction

    Training Programs are constantly updated with new courses. View the complete up-to-date Training Program Content by clicking the links below.

    Click the link below to access the program . You will be redirected to Danfoss Learning LogIn page.If you are registered to Danfoss Learning, insert your credentials to login.If you are not registered to Danfoss Learning, you’ll have the option to create an account. Once you register and receive your credentials, come back to this page, click again the link and login.


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